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9 Tips That Will Pay For Your Next Vacation

Having money to travel often means having to save money in other areas of life. A great trip that will create lasting memories can be a great motivator and reason to use some creative...

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Food Too Weird To Call Food

Can you believe they eat that stuff? Well they do and love it, who knows you might too if you give it a try (or not). There are exotic taste treats all over the...


Never Look At London The Same Again

Facts don’t lie and here are some facts about London that tell a different story than what we typically hear. Starting with how many pints and how much tea is consumed to how many...


32 Magical Destinations You Need To Visit

The world is full of inspiring and beautiful places that many of us have never even heard of let alone visited. Here is a list from that highlights some of the most enchanting...

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Why Not A Travel Themed Wedding?

What better than a travel theme for your wedding? The symbolism is perfect since the couple is heading out on the biggest and happiest adventure of their lives, in more ways than one. Here are...


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