A Family Friendly Way To Get Wet In Mexico

Whale watching can be an almost life altering experience. To be within feet of these magnificent, intelligent and sometimes playful creatures can humble and enlighten at the same time. One of the best places on Earth to observe whales is the west coast of Mexico during the annual migration. There are many guide services and resorts available, ready and able to give you the experience of a lifetime.

whale watching mexico


They came up to the boats quite readily, perhaps attracted by the sounds of the engine, propeller and the helmsman pouring water on to the sea. They cruised nearby before diving around the boat and then coming up alongside for a stroke, or on more than one occasion, a kiss from one of the other passengers who was obviously besotted. I am not normally all that crazy about animals, but on this trip I felt like I was really connecting with these large mammals. The experience of having a whale come to the surface, look me in the eye, dive and then surface at the side of the boat to be stroked was completely new to me, and in a way quite moving. However, the fickle whale was two-timing me within minutes, on the other side of the boat.

And do they have a sense of humour? As far as I could tell, they do! Frequently they would approach our small boat, come to surface feet away from the expectant whale-watchers, and then soak them with a well-aimed blow of air and water from their spout.

Source: Travellers’ Tales: Whales in Mexico

Image source: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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