Escape TO Prison? See Who Would Do That



Most people avoid prison at all costs and with few exceptions. Alcatraz is one very popular exception. Tours of the long closed down prison island are a fascinating attraction for those visiting San Francisco. Possibly the most famous prison, housing some of the most famous prisoners, Alcatraz has been the subject of countless movies, stories, myths and conspiracies. It has a long and sorted history waiting to be retold.

Alcaztra was a military prison in 1868 and a federal prison from 1933 until 1963. It is situated on a rocky outcrop within San Francisco Bay. It may only be 1.5 miles to the mainland but due to the strong currents and cold water temperatures, it’s almost impossible for prisoners to escape. Or so they were told.

Prisoners were purposely fed on rich, fatty foods with plenty of bread and large portions. All this food combined with very little exercise led most prisoners to be unfit and overweight, making that 1.5 mile swim even more difficult. This was made even worse (or better depending on how you look at it) by the fact that prisoners were treated to luxuriously warm showers meaning they couldn’t become acclimatized to the icy temperatures of the sea. They were also told that the surrounding sea was teeming with sharks that circled the island and would gobble them up as soon as they dipped a toe in the water.

Alcatraz was reportedly one of the most secure prisons in the world and nothing could destroy that reputation faster than an escaped prisoner. So what happened when a prisoner escaped…? Well, it wasn’t reported.

Who knows how many people really escaped from Alcatraz. Five prisoners are said to have escaped in 1962 and their whereabouts are unknown. At the time, prisoners were told they drowned but maybe they survived. Maybe they’re living a quiet life in a sleepy little town in the US. Maybe they’ve gone back to their law-breaking ways and they’re living the lives of criminals in South America. I kind of hope they had treasure chests filled with gold and they’re living the hi-life somewhere exotic.


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