Bet You Don’t Always Use These 5 Travel Hacks

  • Sometimes small details can make or break a trip. Below are 5 travel hacks that may come in handy the next time you are on the road. Experienced road masters get into a routine when planning for a trip, these should be part of your routine. Follow the link at the bottom of these tips to discover 15 more tricks.
    Scan Your Identification


    Scan your passport, driver’s license, and personal identification before leaving on a trip, and email the information to yourself. This way, you’ll always have it on hand — worst case scenario.

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    I’ve put two posts together on the best travel apps, so go check those out and download the ones that you think would work best for your traveling lifestyle. I use TripCase to keep all of my flight details and travel documents organized and in order. The best part? They do it all for me — for free!




    Call the front desk of your hotel and ask if they have a charger that you can borrow for the length of your stay. I’ve lost a couple of chargers during my travels and, luckily, they’ve always had one ready and available for me to borrow.

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    Before you opt for the ridiculously priced car insurance that rental companies offer, call your credit card company and see if car rental insurance is included. In my case, 3 of my credit card companies offer this little perk which has saved me at least $200 in car insurance over the past year.

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    The locks used on hotel doors are not the safest and most can be hacked open, which is why a portable door lock is an imporant thing to bring with you, as it ensures your safety and keeps your door locked from the inside out. Housekeeping and unruly guests won’t be able to enter the room, even with a key. The Forceguard Portable Door Lock is a good choice and works well. Read the reviews for more information on how this has helped travelers stay safe!


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