Want To Know How To Call Long Distance And International For Free

Calling family and friends while traveling can get ungodly expensive so most of us restrict ourselves to only short and essential calls. What if you could call from wherever you are and talk to your hearts content. Well it is possible and free if you know how. The following article explains the process and can potentially prevent massive sticker shock on your next phone bill.

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A few things that seem too good to be true…really are true. And making totally free voice and video calls over the Internet is one of those things. Taking advantage of this option can help you stay in better touch, and spend far less.
All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop; a strong Wi-Fi signal; and an account with one of the major Internet calling providers: Skype, FaceTime (preloaded on most Apple devices), or Google+ Hangouts.

To get started, visit the service’s website or download its free app, and register. Once you’re signed up, you can talk online via your computer to a buddy with a device running the same program — just look for them on your list of contacts, and click “Voice Call” or “Video Call.” If both of you have cameras, you can see each other while you chat. You can even show off the perfect piazza view out your hotel-room window.

The biggest issue travelers have with Internet calling is finding a signal that’s strong enough for a smooth call. With a solid signal, the sound quality is much better than a standard phone connection; but with a weak signal, the video and audio can be choppy and freeze up. If you’re struggling with your connection, try turning off the video and sticking with an audio-only call. Or…wait for your next hotel.

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