Should Cruise Ships Ban Smoking All Together ?

It’s been the trend for a long time to ban smoking in more and more places, but is it fair to ban it even outside? Most cruise ships have had a ban on smoking in room for some time but more and more are banning it even on the balcony. Is that fair? Which side do you fall on when it comes to the right to smoke vs the right to breath smoke free air?


smoking on balcony

smoking on balcony?

Cruisers who are also smokers should check their preferred line’s smoking policy before they book their next voyage. More and more lines are banning smoking on cabin balconies, once considered a must-have feature for smokers who needed a place to puff in private.

The latest to join the balcony smoking ban is Carnival Cruise Lines, one of the largest and most popular lines, especially for American cruisers.

The ban on balcony smoking will take effect on Oct. 9. The line had already banned smoking in cabins. Smoking will continue to be allowed in designated open deck areas, as well as night clubs and certain areas within the casino and casino bar, the cruise line said.

Colleen McDaniel, Managing Editor of Cruise Critic, called the new policy a “big move on Carnival’s part.”

But it seems to be the “wave” of the future: several other lines — including Royal Caribbean, Cunard, P&O, Disney and Seabourn — have also banned balcony smoking, at least to some degree. But while the smokers may be fuming, it seems the majority of Carnival cruisers are in favor of the policy change.




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